Innovation for our planet


Helping clean energy companies develop technologies that will make a difference to the world and promote a sustainable future.


Marvelous Planet Technologies (MP Tech) is an engineering services and technology development company devoted to working with our customers and strategic partners to innovate and deliver on clean energy technologies, especially fuel cells.

The Things WE DO BEST

Virtual Prototyping

Developing product-driven, real-world models for a range of analyses from conventional CFD to state-of-the-art multi-variable design exploration; Developing models to simulate physical processes from micro to macro scale, and optimize your design using multi-objective optimization.

  1. Single and multi-phase analyses (e.g. pressure drop breakdown, flow uniformity, and water management)
  2. Multi-species analyses (e.g. reactant, hydration, and current density mappings)
  3. Thermal analyses (e.g. freeze start up and water/ice management)
  4. Fluid-structure interaction (e.g. deformation and pillowing effects)
  5. Shape optimization (e.g. pressure drop and design space)
  6. Design explorations (e.g. parametric multi-objective optimization)

Component and tool Design

Supporting design and optimization components for fuel cells and the Balance of Plant; Delivering on a wide range of projects such as customized unit cell design, fluid and package optimization for stack, and water and thermal management for balance of plant components.

  1. Plate design (sub and full scale)
  2. Hardware design (sub and full scale) for fluid connectors and compression end plates
  3. Balance of plant key components design for humidifiers and heat exchangers
  4. Flow visualization tools(e.g. sub-scale and full-scale)

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